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HeroChat - Our chat Plugin

Post  Admin on Thu Mar 24, 2011 3:33 am

/ch help (page|create)
Displays a help menu listing a brief description of all the available commands.
/ch list (page)
Displays a list of visible channels.
/ch who
Displays a list of players in your active channel. Admins are prefixed with a @, while moderators are followed by a *.
/ch [channel] (password)
Sets your active channel. All future messages will be directed to this channel.
/ch join [channel] (password) or /join [channel] (password)
Joins a channel, but doesn't change your active channel. You can be in multiple channels at once.
/ch leave [channel] or /leave [channel]
Leaves a channel.
/qm [channel] [message] or /[channel] [message]
Sends a quick message to a channel without changing your active channel.
/ch ignore (player)
If no player name is given, your current ignore list is displayed. If a name is given, you will ignore or unignore that player.


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